Mixtape #002: The Very Polish Cut-Outs

Download: Bananamania Mixtape #002: The Very Polish Cut-Outs

Nearly anyone who’s ever set foot in Poland in the last 20 years has heard “disco polo” — the country’s provincial, preset-driven form of dance music. Thankfully some are fighting against this trend, rightfully reclaiming the word “disco”! The Very Polish Cut-Outs offer here an exclusive mix, filled with obscure gems from the 70s and 80s, including some new re-edits by affiliate Pnk.Discorp. If you dig this (and we’re quite sure you will), head over to RVNG for some more hand-picked Polish obscurities.


  1. Romuald & Roman – Towarowy Rusza Do Indii (PR SA 2007)
  2. Arp Life – Bu-Bu (Muza, 1977)
  3. Breakout – Gdzie Mnie Wioda (Muza,1977)
  4. Czerwone Gitary – Bylas Mej Pamieci Wierszem (Muza,1974)
  5. Sonda – scrap from TV Show
  6. Bob Roy Orchestra – Blyskoteka (Muza 1980)
  7. Czubaty Zenek – Do You Like Henky Penky Love? (Vega , 1984)
  8. Kombi – Przytul Mnie – Old-Spice edit (CD-R)
  9. Andrzej Korzynski – Akwen Eldorado – Pnk.Discorp edit (CD-R)
  10. Franek Kimono – Dysk Dzokej – Zambon edit (Bumrocks, 2010)
  11. Maanam – Luciola (Muza, 1985)
  12. Brygada Kryzys – Centrala (Tonpress, 1982)
  13. T-Love Alternative – Goraczka Nocy Sobotniej (Tilele Records, 1985)
  14. Dom Mody – Szyfry (Tonpress, 1985)
  15. Czerwone Gitary – Ucze Sie Zyc – Pnk.Discorp edit (Bananamania, 2010)


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4 responses to “Mixtape #002: The Very Polish Cut-Outs

  1. Kacper

    Here you have mediafire link to mix for everyone who have problem with download

  2. Kacper

    Here you have mediafire link to mixtape

  3. Plum

    Zajebisty miks!!!

  4. willy drama

    coolst uff

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