Mixtape #012: David Barbarossa presents Night Dreams (Drinking Electricity)

Download: SoundCloud

David Barbarossa (not to be confused with the Bow Wow Wow member whose brainwaves were said to be controlled by defunct McLaren) lives and works in Glasgow. He has filled in many times for Mr. Wilkes or Herr Twich at the legendary and recently terminated Optimo (Espacio) nights and is considered by many as the third unofficial member of the duo. His record collection amounts many secret pieces and sometimes builds up in the shape of a Haunted Disco or a Gordon Matta-Clark tri-dimensional wormhole resulting on his house splitting in two. Overall he is known as Wizard Selector and Dancefloor Shaker, and with this sensational mixtape he dives into the more unknown electric impulses exploring the Interzone with decisive field results… For better audio quality, please do wear a loincloth and dance the Duck Rock.

For bookings please contact him directly via his Space: http://www.myspace.com/davidbarbarossa

Berliners, take note that House of House (Whatever We Want, NYC) is playing this Friday at Tausendisco — be there at midnite if you don´t wanna miss the fun, and afterward head over to the Gomma Super Show

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