Mixtape #013: Muzzle Flash

Download: mediafire


Distortion must be one of the most insane, out-there festivals held on Planet Earth and rest of the universe (we heard in Mars they pump up the volume real good too). Capablanca and T.Keeler, who went there last weekend to headline one of the seven scenarios of the final party on Saturday, can testify to that. Not happy with taking over the whole Copenhagen for almost a week, buses blasting beats all over the place, a party TANK and even a party SUBMARINE (yes, that’s right, a real submarine, and a party one at that), organizing a (double) two-minute rave on a bascule bridge playing techno on one side and metal on the other (while the bridge is actually opening), and a line-up that wouldn’t fit on the flyer (literally)… this year the Distortion crew took over Carlsbergtown, which is like a small beer city inside Copenhagen, and pushed the ravemeter to eleven. Or perhaps it was twelve, we don’t know, the gauge broke.

It was there where we met Muzzle Flash, a local responsible for the fantastic House of Moves party the night before (with our friends from Dirty Soundsystem). He has also remixed Munk, Kasper Bjørke, Whomadewho and even Mercury Rev, and after burning down the House with us, he promised to deliver an exclusive mixtape, a promise that he kept. Ladies and gents, Mr. Muzzle Flash presents “A Night in 48″…

Download: mediafire

And tonight Tausendisco in Berlin welcomes Soft Curls from Detroit, which are Activator (makes your hair curly) and Relaxer (makes your hair straight). Do not miss! Try here for guestlist.

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