Capablanca presents Zero” (Psychic) TV Mix

Our friends over at zero” recently invited Los Massieras’ Hugo to do an installment of their podcast series. UPDATE! Whereas their podcast is streaming only, we’re offering it as a download (although without the introduction/interview) : download via sendspace

Here are a few of the kind words they had to say in their description:

Despite the good-times-guarantee of his parties and DJ sets, it would be a grave mistake to file Hugo Capablanca as yet another run-of-the-mill retro-hit DJ. In fact he is quite the opposite: A passionate crate digger and disciple of the artistic and free-spirited musical vision of people like Arthur Russel and Walter Gibbons.

His podcast for zero” is consequently no party set, but an inspired collection of rare musical gems, old and new. The musical journey leads from the neo-cosmic disco of Maxxi & Zeus, over spaced-out jazz by Moondog or the Moritz von Oswald Trio to the sparkling synth sounds of Oneohtrix Point Never, offering plenty of new music to discover for all but the most knowledgeable listeners.

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