Mixtape #017: Stellar OM Source “Rhythym vs Angels”

“With the music of the Absolute the bass, the undertone, is going on continuosly; but on the surface beneath the various keys of all the instruments of nature´s music, the undertone is hidden and subdued. Every being with life comes to the surface hidden and subdued. Every being of life comes to the surface and again returns whence it came, as each note has its return to the ocean of sound. The undertone of this existence is the loudest and the softest, the highest and the lowest; it overwhelms all instruments… until all gradually merge in it; this undertone always is, and always will be” … This undertone is OM and by saying OM, the monk or the musician tunes into perfect sound forever.

The Netherlands’ Stellar OM Source crafts soaring, unfolding fractals of synthesized sound that give kind of a shamanic effect on the listener, which Berliners can experience firsthand from her live performance this Saturday at Raum 20 in Neukölln, along with Modern Witch of Disaro Records. As a DJ, she craftily blends Detroit techno and acid for an equally spellbinding listen — stream or download this exclusive Bananamania mixtape below. And check out a brief Q&A with her over at Expatriarch.

Bananamania Mixtape #017: Stellar OM Source “Rhythm vs Angels”

  1. Remote – Protecting My Hive – Underground Resistance
  2. DJ Marcello & Derrick May – Serenity (2000 And One remix) – 100% Pure
  3. Raze – Jack The Groove – Red Bullet
  4. N.Y. House’n Authority – APT.2A – Nu Groove Records
  5. Bang The Party – Africa Crisis – Caus-N’-ff-ct
  6. Capracara – Flashback 86 – Soul Jazz Records
  7. Neal Howard – The Gathering (Club Mix) – Future Sound R & R Records
  8. Underground Resistance – Transition – Underground Resistance
  9. K. Alexi Shelby – Vertigo – Transmat
  10. Mad Mike – Hi-Tech Dreams – Underground Resistance
  11. Jon Hassell & 808 State – Voiceprint (808 mix one) – Land Records
  12. Omar-S – I Hate – FXHE Records
  13. Joint Venture – Masterblaster (Tribute to Ron Hardy) – Strictly Rhythm
  14. Juno – Soul Thunder (Drillers mix) – Bassic
  15. Brogan – Ask When I’m Night – unreleased
  16. Dream 2 Science – Dream 2 Science – Power Move Records
  17. Spanky – Acid Bass – Trax Records
  18. Ross 154 – Until My Heart Stops… – M>O>S Recordings
  19. The Other People Place – Sunrays – Warp Records


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2 responses to “Mixtape #017: Stellar OM Source “Rhythym vs Angels”

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  2. Gregg Fore

    Hey this is Buster of Dream2Science.. I’m always happy to hear the music is still being enjoyed. Thanx again for the spin…

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