Mixtape #018: Preston G. Parallax presents “Bedroom Funk”

Preston G. Parallax is a psuedo-musicologist and science fiction writer recruited by the 20 Jazz Funk Greats music blog. His first 2 novels ‘Verse-Chorus-Metaverse’ and ‘Apocalypse in C Minor’ are highly sought after, yet deeply obscure (just try googling them) underground sci-fi classics. After their commercial failure he was dropped by his publisher and fell even deeper into obscurity, much to the dismay of his fans at 20JFG. Washed up and penniless, he was located and taken in by the warm hearted blog – where his ludicrous and implausible short stories can now be read by millions.

Currently living in tax exile in the illustrious city of Berlin, he divides his time between writing his 3rd (as yet untitled) novel, and developing his own home-made varieties of ‘cosmic’ synth funk. Here, and exclusively for us at Bananamania – he presents his very first mixtape, a collection of ‘home-recorded’ soul and funk classics. A few words from the author;

‘Bedroom Funk’ is not the smell in your room after a particularly heavy night out, but a celebration of  the spirit of home-recording in the genres of disco, funk and soul. Some of these tracks were probably recorded in a proper studio, but are included because they embody a similar kind of tenor.  This mix also contains the voice of legendary London-based animator and musician Dennis Greenidge – an inspiration, and unsung hero of many related fields.

Bananamania Mixtape #18 Preston G. Parallax presents ‘Bedroom Funk’


1. Cosmic Dennis Greenidge – Message #1

2. Mark Connor – You’ve got Eyes

3. Danny Gold – TSOV Groove

4. Twighlight – You’re In Love

5. Jeff Phelps – On the Corner

6. Dam Funk – Do You Feel Like I Feel?

7. Gary Davis – The Pop

8. Dr. Togo – Be Free

9. Brafas – Disco Train

10. Lee Moore – Get Off

11. The Little Dabs – E.T.

12. Vaughn Mason and Butch Tayo – Feel My Love

Further insights into the mind of Preston G. Parallax can be found on his website. You can also find PGP playing records with his 20JFG pals at their franchise nights in London and Berlin. If you would like more information, or to book ‘The Kilgore Trout of Synth Boogie’, all contact is made through his literary agent – scottjpearsall@googlemail.com.

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