Bananamania Mixtape #19: Christian d’Or – ‘7 Inches of Pleasure’

Christian d’Or – 7 INCHES OF PLEASURE MIX by Christian d’Or

7 Inches of Pleasure is the new mixtape from Danish DJ Christian d’Or, the Disco Prince. The mix is made from the dogma that it was to comprise 7″ singles only. It’s an hour of disco, dust and… another word with d, let’s see… DREAMS!

Christian d’Or will be headlining tomorrow friday the Fourth Installment of Illusion Institute in Berlin, together with NY amigo Chupacabras, Preston G. Parallax, and our very own T.Keeler & Capablanca, topping it with live visuals from most spectacular Alison Childs (Donuts, DFA). Bananuts!

Have a listen to this Bananamania exclusive.


CCS – Hurricane Coming
Johnny Wakelin – In Zaire
Stretch – Why Did You Do It?
Fancy – Wild Thing
Yazoo – State Farm
Hall & Oates – I Can’t Go For That
Sailor – Down By The Docks
Jackie Robinson – Pussyfooter
Banbara – Shack Up
Pino d’Angio – Ma Quale Idea
People,s Choice – Jam Jam Jam (All Night Long)
Mandy B. Jones – 1-2-3-4 (We Ain’t Got Much Time)
Barrabas – On The Road Again
Baby’s Gang – Happy Song
Yoko Ono – Walking On Thin Ice
Crunch – Cruise
Shalamar – Right In The Socket
Blonde On Blonde – Whole Lotta Love
Andy Forray – Drac’s Back
Mick Rowley – I’m A Man

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