Winner Takes It All

We are pleased to announce the Bananamania T-Shirt Design Contest Winner: Matthias Netzberger, AKA MyFriendFromBerlin – Producer of Handsome Media with a smile, and Art Director for among others, Get Physical & Porsche.

T-Shirts will be showcased at the BANANAMANIA! SHOW x NY FASHION WEEK, at ROUGE58, 555 Metropolitan Ave. Brooklyn NY, opening today from 19h. The show will feature the limited hand-silkscreened t-shirt, the Capablanca nailpolish for Uslu Airlines, the premiere of “Peel Slowly and See” – a video installation featuring Tanja Siren, and site specific installations. Oh, and DISCO.

Afterparty is happening from 22ish on at Submercer, 147 1/2 Mercer Street New York, NY. We would love to see you there.

Special mention goes to the El Radioactivo banana t-shirt by Joan Bernat, which we dare to keep top secret, and surely deserves a prize of its own. We are working on that. Thanks to all participants, it has been a lovely process to go through all your designs and a hard choice to decide on just one. We love you.

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