Berlin, The 10th of March of 1999. 

This Saturday, Speculator-Taurus & Capablanca-Sphynx will bring their disco infected, mutant house and dose of weird dance tracks, hypnoloops and siren chants to Le Zoo de Paris of Mythoilogical Creatures, also known as Thee Anteros & Thanaton Show at Chez Moune, Paris.

Such sounds will merge with A&T pleasure bubbles for an ultimate sensorial experience composed partly of heels, hidden smokes and loud noises. El Especulador delighted us recently with a stronger than usual radio waves emission on WTBS and we couldn´t help but adding it to our archives in hope of expanding it into infinitum. We call it Co(s)mic (S)Trip, or a serious candidate to the Psychedelic Comedy Club:

We are also glad to announce that from next Monday on the ultra-limited Bananamania t-shirt (50 pieces available worldwide), designed by My Friend From Berlin and hand-silkscreened in NY, will be available at Tigersushi Furs Paris. You can order one here too.

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