Bananamania Mixtape #20: Milo Smee – ‘Fast mix’

Milo Smee is one of our personal heroes. Solo sonic explorer as Binary Chaffinch (AKA Kruton) on beyond-cool, limited edition label -now defunkt- Dissident, founding member of 5 Mic Cluster , one of the most mysterious and interesting projects to be released in Trevor Jackson’s visionary cultish imprint Output Records, and also kickstarter of one of the freakiest bands the world has ever seen (ie mutant disco-doom outfit Chrome Hoof) but overall, nicest chap you can possibly find in Berlin and London altogether (you have 50/50 chances of meeting him in both Germania’s and thee UK capitals alike), Milo pleasantly surprised us once again with his appropriately dubbed Fast Mix. Not quite balearic, mind you.

Milo Smee – Fast Mix Track List:

1. Teardrop Explodes – Reward
2. Reinhard Lakomy – Sodom
3. BOT’OX – Overdrive
4. 5 Mic Cluster – Rat
5. Peter Bauman – Playland Pleasure
6. Liasons Dangereuses – Etra assis ou danser
7. Jimmy Spicer – This is it
8. Mina – Karma Sutra
9. Jon Foxx – Tidal Wave
10. Lena Lovich – Big Bird
11. The Twins – Night’s Lights and Shadows
12. Robert Palmer – Johnny and Mary
13. Gizz TV – Little Shop of Acid
14. Sapiano and the Party Crashers – Crank Call
15. Octoman – Whit Label (J. Saul Kane)
16. Brad Stryder – Bradley’s Beat
17. Whitelabel
18. Imagination – Heart and Soul (Dub)
19. Noise Factory – Loving You
20. Grace Jones – Love is the Drug (Album Version)

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