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Mixtape #018: Preston G. Parallax presents “Bedroom Funk”

Preston G. Parallax is a psuedo-musicologist and science fiction writer recruited by the 20 Jazz Funk Greats music blog. His first 2 novels ‘Verse-Chorus-Metaverse’ and ‘Apocalypse in C Minor’ are highly sought after, yet deeply obscure (just try googling them) underground sci-fi classics. After their commercial failure he was dropped by his publisher and fell even deeper into obscurity, much to the dismay of his fans at 20JFG. Washed up and penniless, he was located and taken in by the warm hearted blog – where his ludicrous and implausible short stories can now be read by millions.

Currently living in tax exile in the illustrious city of Berlin, he divides his time between writing his 3rd (as yet untitled) novel, and developing his own home-made varieties of ‘cosmic’ synth funk. Here, and exclusively for us at Bananamania – he presents his very first mixtape, a collection of ‘home-recorded’ soul and funk classics. A few words from the author;

‘Bedroom Funk’ is not the smell in your room after a particularly heavy night out, but a celebration of  the spirit of home-recording in the genres of disco, funk and soul. Some of these tracks were probably recorded in a proper studio, but are included because they embody a similar kind of tenor.  This mix also contains the voice of legendary London-based animator and musician Dennis Greenidge – an inspiration, and unsung hero of many related fields.

Bananamania Mixtape #18 Preston G. Parallax presents ‘Bedroom Funk’


1. Cosmic Dennis Greenidge – Message #1

2. Mark Connor – You’ve got Eyes

3. Danny Gold – TSOV Groove

4. Twighlight – You’re In Love

5. Jeff Phelps – On the Corner

6. Dam Funk – Do You Feel Like I Feel?

7. Gary Davis – The Pop

8. Dr. Togo – Be Free

9. Brafas – Disco Train

10. Lee Moore – Get Off

11. The Little Dabs – E.T.

12. Vaughn Mason and Butch Tayo – Feel My Love

Further insights into the mind of Preston G. Parallax can be found on his website. You can also find PGP playing records with his 20JFG pals at their franchise nights in London and Berlin. If you would like more information, or to book ‘The Kilgore Trout of Synth Boogie’, all contact is made through his literary agent –


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Mixtape #017: Stellar OM Source “Rhythym vs Angels”

“With the music of the Absolute the bass, the undertone, is going on continuosly; but on the surface beneath the various keys of all the instruments of nature´s music, the undertone is hidden and subdued. Every being with life comes to the surface hidden and subdued. Every being of life comes to the surface and again returns whence it came, as each note has its return to the ocean of sound. The undertone of this existence is the loudest and the softest, the highest and the lowest; it overwhelms all instruments… until all gradually merge in it; this undertone always is, and always will be” … This undertone is OM and by saying OM, the monk or the musician tunes into perfect sound forever.

The Netherlands’ Stellar OM Source crafts soaring, unfolding fractals of synthesized sound that give kind of a shamanic effect on the listener, which Berliners can experience firsthand from her live performance this Saturday at Raum 20 in Neukölln, along with Modern Witch of Disaro Records. As a DJ, she craftily blends Detroit techno and acid for an equally spellbinding listen — stream or download this exclusive Bananamania mixtape below. And check out a brief Q&A with her over at Expatriarch.

Bananamania Mixtape #017: Stellar OM Source “Rhythm vs Angels”

  1. Remote – Protecting My Hive – Underground Resistance
  2. DJ Marcello & Derrick May – Serenity (2000 And One remix) – 100% Pure
  3. Raze – Jack The Groove – Red Bullet
  4. N.Y. House’n Authority – APT.2A – Nu Groove Records
  5. Bang The Party – Africa Crisis – Caus-N’-ff-ct
  6. Capracara – Flashback 86 – Soul Jazz Records
  7. Neal Howard – The Gathering (Club Mix) – Future Sound R & R Records
  8. Underground Resistance – Transition – Underground Resistance
  9. K. Alexi Shelby – Vertigo – Transmat
  10. Mad Mike – Hi-Tech Dreams – Underground Resistance
  11. Jon Hassell & 808 State – Voiceprint (808 mix one) – Land Records
  12. Omar-S – I Hate – FXHE Records
  13. Joint Venture – Masterblaster (Tribute to Ron Hardy) – Strictly Rhythm
  14. Juno – Soul Thunder (Drillers mix) – Bassic
  15. Brogan – Ask When I’m Night – unreleased
  16. Dream 2 Science – Dream 2 Science – Power Move Records
  17. Spanky – Acid Bass – Trax Records
  18. Ross 154 – Until My Heart Stops… – M>O>S Recordings
  19. The Other People Place – Sunrays – Warp Records


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Mixtape #016: BLONDES (live in Berlin 2010)

One of the reasons the last Tausendisco night was so special — besides being the last Tausendisco, and besides all the announced buddies playing records that night like Diskokaine, Rollerboys, The Michael et al. — was an unexpected, surprise guest live appearance by Blondes, the Brooklyn duo responsible for the fantastic Touched EP on Merok Records. We were smart enough to record their impressive set — which left half the crowd dancing in wonderment and the other half paralyzed on the sofas in a spellbind — and Blondes were kind enough to let us post it here so we could share it with you.


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Capablanca presents Zero” (Psychic) TV Mix

Our friends over at zero” recently invited Los Massieras’ Hugo to do an installment of their podcast series. UPDATE! Whereas their podcast is streaming only, we’re offering it as a download (although without the introduction/interview) : download via sendspace

Here are a few of the kind words they had to say in their description:

Despite the good-times-guarantee of his parties and DJ sets, it would be a grave mistake to file Hugo Capablanca as yet another run-of-the-mill retro-hit DJ. In fact he is quite the opposite: A passionate crate digger and disciple of the artistic and free-spirited musical vision of people like Arthur Russel and Walter Gibbons.

His podcast for zero” is consequently no party set, but an inspired collection of rare musical gems, old and new. The musical journey leads from the neo-cosmic disco of Maxxi & Zeus, over spaced-out jazz by Moondog or the Moritz von Oswald Trio to the sparkling synth sounds of Oneohtrix Point Never, offering plenty of new music to discover for all but the most knowledgeable listeners.

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Mixtape #015: Africa

Download: sendspace

Africa is the disco alter ego of Scottish-born producer Graham Peel. He spends most of his time trawling through the plethora of obscure Russian tinyurls in slim hope to scavenge a rare 320kpbs rip of an unheard disco classic. He’s true to the avid hunter aesthetic, echoing the plethora of disco purists that came before him, but his record stores have been replaced by dead links and rapidshare search engines. Everything found ends up on mixes (such as the one you can download here) or on his new blog Witty Banter — soon to be essential reading — where he soundtracks his twenty-something apathy perfectly with a particular “Song du jour”.


Oliver Cheathman – Get Down Saturday Night
Azoto – San Salvador
Ulysses 82 – Don’t Speak French
Connie – Rock Me
The Weboes – Under the Wear
Venus Gang – Space Woman
Jimmy Castor Bunch – It’s Just Begun (Larry Levan remix)
Greg Perry – It Takes Heart
Lowell – No Matter
Lonzine Wright – Stop the Taxi
Wizardz – Boogie Slyde
Edgar Winter – Above and Beyond (instrumental)

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Mixtape #014: Speculator

Download: youSENDit

Speculator, Grackle, Smackulator, Galaxy Toobin, PGS…

All them names share a common shadow, a Brooklynite producer, a usual suspect in the CBS files keeping himself busy over the last few years, digging records, laying out spacey gems and playing around the world. And now he also runs W.T. Records, home of the fantastic recent 12″ by Hunee, and few other strange, great plastics. For his brand new Bananamania tape, Spec puts together a real bad-ass selection, a perfect display of his trademark sound. Cast, in order of appearance: Harmonia, Kreidler, DFD, Ross 154, NY House’n Authority, Critical Rhythm, Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel, Kiki Dee, Sheila & B. Devotion, Nanette Workman, Hot Chocolate, Lorita Grahame and Hieroglyphic Being.

Hard to explain, easy to enjoy.

Spec (wearing his Grackle pants) also kickstarted Berliner/Cuban twin label Discos Capablanca with the much-praised Jungle EP. We recently found a few copies left of it — if you are interested in getting one, please mail us.


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Mixtape #013: Muzzle Flash

Download: mediafire


Distortion must be one of the most insane, out-there festivals held on Planet Earth and rest of the universe (we heard in Mars they pump up the volume real good too). Capablanca and T.Keeler, who went there last weekend to headline one of the seven scenarios of the final party on Saturday, can testify to that. Not happy with taking over the whole Copenhagen for almost a week, buses blasting beats all over the place, a party TANK and even a party SUBMARINE (yes, that’s right, a real submarine, and a party one at that), organizing a (double) two-minute rave on a bascule bridge playing techno on one side and metal on the other (while the bridge is actually opening), and a line-up that wouldn’t fit on the flyer (literally)… this year the Distortion crew took over Carlsbergtown, which is like a small beer city inside Copenhagen, and pushed the ravemeter to eleven. Or perhaps it was twelve, we don’t know, the gauge broke.

It was there where we met Muzzle Flash, a local responsible for the fantastic House of Moves party the night before (with our friends from Dirty Soundsystem). He has also remixed Munk, Kasper Bjørke, Whomadewho and even Mercury Rev, and after burning down the House with us, he promised to deliver an exclusive mixtape, a promise that he kept. Ladies and gents, Mr. Muzzle Flash presents “A Night in 48″…

Download: mediafire

And tonight Tausendisco in Berlin welcomes Soft Curls from Detroit, which are Activator (makes your hair curly) and Relaxer (makes your hair straight). Do not miss! Try here for guestlist.

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