Los Massieras

Mustachioed, leather-booted, scarf- and necktie-wearing disco dandies are upon us with the decadence of their triumphant singles “Boogity Boogity Boogity“ and “Rumores”, smart re-edits of underground (and not so underground) disco madness tracks, now also brought back to life as seen on Los Massieras live sets.

Los Massieras apparently specialize in being the last big party act in festivals. Live performances closing this past edition of Berlin Festival (driving around a luggage airport truck amidst the crowd gathered at Berlin Tempelhof while performing), and both Madrid and Barcelona editions of Primavera Club last November, give them credit as the Live Edit, the big last blast. For their live set, Los Massieras blend re-edits with live synths and drones, basslines and percussion creating unique and instant new compositions crafted specifically for the moment.

Some background: in the last few years, remix tradition among disco connoisseurs has shifted toward a back-to-basics approach with a focus on that elusive tag called the “edit”. Created and developed in the USA by the bright Tom Moulton using traditional cut-and-paste skills, this technique has more recently undergone a renaissance with the likes of Greg Wilson, Pilooski and Todd Terje. While the mainstream understanding of “remix” demands drastic upheaval or transformation, aficionados of the “edit” respect the original composition, letting the elements command the direction of the new version. The point is not to strip anything away or to add new distractions, but to condense the aura and tastefully reconstruct it for maximum dancefloor potential and beyond.

Los Massieras follow this tradition, combining a much-needed nonchalance with true attitude.

Boogity Boogity Boogity and Better than Italians kickstarted Bananamania the label, home now to different projects.

Los Massieras are recording some cover versions and original material, all of it will see the light during 2011, either on Bananamania or partner label Discoteca Océano.

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