Can – Silent Night (T Keelers Extended Yuletime Treat)

Yuletide greetings. It is Bananamania’s 1st ever Christmas, and as we spend all year giving you the freshest mixtapes, then the season of goodwill shall bring some very special Christmas gifts for you.

‘Stille Nacht’ is a Christmas carol composed in 1818 by Joseph Mohr and Franz Xaver Gruber which became very popular around the world. In 1976 it was given a psychedelic re-design by motorik madmen Can. In 2010 this inventive version was further re-invented by Discos Capablanca’s very own T Keeler, extending the original into a five and a half minute epic that will last you all the way into boxing day. We think that Mohr and Gruber would wholeheartedly approve.

As an additional stocking filler, we have dug through our scattered mediafire archives and uploaded (nearly) all of 2010’s mixtapes into an easily digestible Soundcloud format. Sadly, Mixtape #8 by Headman will not be uploaded as it was only available for a short time, plus a couple are still lost on a server somewhere in Siberia – but our crack team of hackers are working 24-7 to find the missing tapes. For now, we present to you 13 and a half hours of incredible music to help you through the festive season. Happy New Year from all at Bananamania!

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Mixtape #018: Preston G. Parallax presents “Bedroom Funk”

Preston G. Parallax is a psuedo-musicologist and science fiction writer recruited by the 20 Jazz Funk Greats music blog. His first 2 novels ‘Verse-Chorus-Metaverse’ and ‘Apocalypse in C Minor’ are highly sought after, yet deeply obscure (just try googling them) underground sci-fi classics. After their commercial failure he was dropped by his publisher and fell even deeper into obscurity, much to the dismay of his fans at 20JFG. Washed up and penniless, he was located and taken in by the warm hearted blog – where his ludicrous and implausible short stories can now be read by millions.

Currently living in tax exile in the illustrious city of Berlin, he divides his time between writing his 3rd (as yet untitled) novel, and developing his own home-made varieties of ‘cosmic’ synth funk. Here, and exclusively for us at Bananamania – he presents his very first mixtape, a collection of ‘home-recorded’ soul and funk classics. A few words from the author;

‘Bedroom Funk’ is not the smell in your room after a particularly heavy night out, but a celebration of  the spirit of home-recording in the genres of disco, funk and soul. Some of these tracks were probably recorded in a proper studio, but are included because they embody a similar kind of tenor.  This mix also contains the voice of legendary London-based animator and musician Dennis Greenidge – an inspiration, and unsung hero of many related fields.

Bananamania Mixtape #18 Preston G. Parallax presents ‘Bedroom Funk’


1. Cosmic Dennis Greenidge – Message #1

2. Mark Connor – You’ve got Eyes

3. Danny Gold – TSOV Groove

4. Twighlight – You’re In Love

5. Jeff Phelps – On the Corner

6. Dam Funk – Do You Feel Like I Feel?

7. Gary Davis – The Pop

8. Dr. Togo – Be Free

9. Brafas – Disco Train

10. Lee Moore – Get Off

11. The Little Dabs – E.T.

12. Vaughn Mason and Butch Tayo – Feel My Love

Further insights into the mind of Preston G. Parallax can be found on his website. You can also find PGP playing records with his 20JFG pals at their franchise nights in London and Berlin. If you would like more information, or to book ‘The Kilgore Trout of Synth Boogie’, all contact is made through his literary agent –

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Mixtape #017: Stellar OM Source “Rhythym vs Angels”

“With the music of the Absolute the bass, the undertone, is going on continuosly; but on the surface beneath the various keys of all the instruments of nature´s music, the undertone is hidden and subdued. Every being with life comes to the surface hidden and subdued. Every being of life comes to the surface and again returns whence it came, as each note has its return to the ocean of sound. The undertone of this existence is the loudest and the softest, the highest and the lowest; it overwhelms all instruments… until all gradually merge in it; this undertone always is, and always will be” … This undertone is OM and by saying OM, the monk or the musician tunes into perfect sound forever.

The Netherlands’ Stellar OM Source crafts soaring, unfolding fractals of synthesized sound that give kind of a shamanic effect on the listener, which Berliners can experience firsthand from her live performance this Saturday at Raum 20 in Neukölln, along with Modern Witch of Disaro Records. As a DJ, she craftily blends Detroit techno and acid for an equally spellbinding listen — stream or download this exclusive Bananamania mixtape below. And check out a brief Q&A with her over at Expatriarch.

Bananamania Mixtape #017: Stellar OM Source “Rhythm vs Angels”

  1. Remote – Protecting My Hive – Underground Resistance
  2. DJ Marcello & Derrick May – Serenity (2000 And One remix) – 100% Pure
  3. Raze – Jack The Groove – Red Bullet
  4. N.Y. House’n Authority – APT.2A – Nu Groove Records
  5. Bang The Party – Africa Crisis – Caus-N’-ff-ct
  6. Capracara – Flashback 86 – Soul Jazz Records
  7. Neal Howard – The Gathering (Club Mix) – Future Sound R & R Records
  8. Underground Resistance – Transition – Underground Resistance
  9. K. Alexi Shelby – Vertigo – Transmat
  10. Mad Mike – Hi-Tech Dreams – Underground Resistance
  11. Jon Hassell & 808 State – Voiceprint (808 mix one) – Land Records
  12. Omar-S – I Hate – FXHE Records
  13. Joint Venture – Masterblaster (Tribute to Ron Hardy) – Strictly Rhythm
  14. Juno – Soul Thunder (Drillers mix) – Bassic
  15. Brogan – Ask When I’m Night – unreleased
  16. Dream 2 Science – Dream 2 Science – Power Move Records
  17. Spanky – Acid Bass – Trax Records
  18. Ross 154 – Until My Heart Stops… – M>O>S Recordings
  19. The Other People Place – Sunrays – Warp Records


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Playground Mag recently spilled the banana beans on our latest video, a live action/animated spectacle in the key of Na-na-na-na. It was created by Mario Takosuke and stars Natalia Ferviú as our dazzling protagonista. Dig it! (Or don’t – it’s entirely up to you.)

Meanwhile, Los Massieras are have been chosen as the last act standing at the insanely impressive lineup at this weekend’s Berlin Festival, playing Saturday night / Sunday morning at 5:00 at the Mobile Disko stage, where they will showcase their “Alive & Edited” mixture of live performance and DJ set. Get yourself in the mood by revisiting Los Massieras’ mix for FADER. And for Berliners who can’t make it to the fest: don’t worry, the boys will also be appearing next week Wednesday at Shade Inc./NBI and Thursday at Chez Jacki. More details on that next week…


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Baris K makes Berlin debut at Picknick

Back in May, we shared an exclusive mixtape from Baris K and mentioned our plans to bring him to Berlin for the first time. And now that time has come! Well, technically not until tomorrow (Saturday), but you know what we mean. We’ve teamed up with Picknick to showcase Mr. K’s signature style, which blends obscure Anatolian pop and psychedelia together with more familiar disco elements, plus a bump of stardust so that things never stay too earthbound. Check Saturn Muzik for see and hear more from our Turkish protagonist.

Banamania & Picknick present
Baris K (Disco Hamam – Istanbul)
Saturday, 4th September 2010, 23:00
Dorotheenstrasse 90, Berlin-Mitte
w/ Hugo Capablanca, T.Keeler, MC Gaffe E, Okay&Okay and Joey Hansom.

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Mixtape #016: BLONDES (live in Berlin 2010)

One of the reasons the last Tausendisco night was so special — besides being the last Tausendisco, and besides all the announced buddies playing records that night like Diskokaine, Rollerboys, The Michael et al. — was an unexpected, surprise guest live appearance by Blondes, the Brooklyn duo responsible for the fantastic Touched EP on Merok Records. We were smart enough to record their impressive set — which left half the crowd dancing in wonderment and the other half paralyzed on the sofas in a spellbind — and Blondes were kind enough to let us post it here so we could share it with you.


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Bananamania & Comme Ci Comme Ça host disco floor at Luna Land, Berlin

The abandoned Plänterwald Spreepark will be opened this weekend for a very special two-day festival hosted by NYC’s Minimoo, who have asked Bananamania and Comme Ci Comme Ça to curate the Disco Train Station. On board: Brett Johnson, DJ Kaos, Hugo Capablanca, Dima, Un Homme et une Femme, Crystal Mafia, T.Keeler and Joey Hansom. Hot dogs, cotton candy and toasted almonds will be served. Dress code: “colourful silly”. Check Luna Land for tickets and further info. Check out more photos of the park over at GonzoCircus.

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Capablanca presents Zero” (Psychic) TV Mix

Our friends over at zero” recently invited Los Massieras’ Hugo to do an installment of their podcast series. UPDATE! Whereas their podcast is streaming only, we’re offering it as a download (although without the introduction/interview) : download via sendspace

Here are a few of the kind words they had to say in their description:

Despite the good-times-guarantee of his parties and DJ sets, it would be a grave mistake to file Hugo Capablanca as yet another run-of-the-mill retro-hit DJ. In fact he is quite the opposite: A passionate crate digger and disciple of the artistic and free-spirited musical vision of people like Arthur Russel and Walter Gibbons.

His podcast for zero” is consequently no party set, but an inspired collection of rare musical gems, old and new. The musical journey leads from the neo-cosmic disco of Maxxi & Zeus, over spaced-out jazz by Moondog or the Moritz von Oswald Trio to the sparkling synth sounds of Oneohtrix Point Never, offering plenty of new music to discover for all but the most knowledgeable listeners.

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NUT-002 available digitally, plus limited NEU!-inspired vinyl

The first 200 copies of Los Massieras’ Better than Italians EP come in spray-painted and hand-numbered jackets as seen above! Berliners can check Rotation, OYE and Melting Pot for their copy; meanwhile a shipment is underway to Clone Records. For the digitally inclined, please head to Juno Download or Beatport


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Los Massieras – Better than Italians EP (NUT-002)

Our new 12″ from Los Massieras, the Better than Italians EP,  is shipping to stores this week, so keep your eyes “peeled”! And for the digitally inclined, the wavs/mp3s will hit download outlets next week as well. In the meantime, head the Bananamania MySpace to stream “Allrighty”, or to Playground to stream CockTail d’Amore‘s rework “Rumore d’Amore”…

A1. “Allrighty”
A2. “Rumores”
AA. “Rumore d’Amore” (CockTail d’Amore rework)

The mustachioed, leather-booted, scarf- and necktie-wearing Berliner duo is back! Bananamania presents its second release and the second 12” from Los Massieras. Their debut EP from earlier this year was well received from both DJs and press, getting play from the likes of Traxx and Daniel Wang and praise from Pitchfork, who rated their edit “Boogity Boogity Boogity” 8/10 and debuted the accompanying video worldwide. But instead of celebrating their success with a siesta, the disco dandies strike again with the perfect summer EP!

The title, Better than Italians, in pure Massieras appropriationist style, is an obvious referential joke to the archifamous New Jersey Italo-disco label (Massieras being self-confessed fans of their work), and also alludes to the nature of the EP: All three tracks are versions of classic Italian pop tunes. And we are not talking about obscure Italo here – this is the mainstream sound of 1970s Italy, reinvented, which of course means heavy psychedelic boogie!

Setting the tone is “Allrighty”, a stomping hoedown with jubilant bluesy horn riffs and swirling harmonicas that pollinate the ranch with pheromone-laced glitter, sounding a bit like the ghosts of James Brown and Captain Beefheart reenacting their favorite scenes from Brokeback Mountain. Meanwhile, “Rumores” has already reached #5 on Billboard’s Hi-NRG Gospel Chart, preaching to the disco choir as some satanic fuzzed out guitar inspires suggestive hip-swaying and threatens to bring boogie armageddon.

Now that they’ve destroyed the barn and the church, Los Massieras invite some friends to house things up a bit: Italian duo Discodromo (Internasjonal) team up with Boris (Berghain) as CockTail d’Amore – also the name of their sweaty, testosteriffic party in Berlin – for a smooth, deep version of “Rumores” that rounds out the EP with a subtle tutti frutti finish… Now get up and boogie!

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